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Every gin has its own flavour profile so the tonic and garnish you choose to pair with it can make or break the perfect G&T. With this in mind we have a summery selection here at Twelve, complete with perfectly paired garnishes to enhance their key flavours.

Gin has become an ever more fashionable pre-dinner or evening out drink. Pairing it with food has also gained popularity and we can see why! Matching the complex botanicals of this juniper-based spirit is fun and brings out the flavours in both the dish and the drink!

We think gin will pair well with our light sea food dishes, like our The Old Man’s Monkfish – monkfish and prawn skewers with Neil’s light garlic and vegetable broth, or with our Grazing Dishes, like our Green Olives, Baked Bread and Sun-Blush Tomatoes. Sloe Gin will pair exceptionally well with our Cheese Board or Chocolate Brownie.

Furthermore, like wine, there is a lot to learn about gin! We thought we would help you out by making a list of a few interesting facts and top tips which you can ponder over as you mix and match different types, tonics and garnishes, as well as gins with different dishes.

It is not surprising that citrus gins will work well with citrus puddings. So, a citrus infused one should pair well with our Lemon Tart. Similarly try and match a gin with our sorbets, a berry one will work nicely with our Blackcurrant Sorbet, while an orange gin will compliment our Passion Fruit Sorbet.

Gin and tomato juice was all the rage as a hangover cure before the gin was switched out for vodka. However, we think it would be worth giving the old concoction a try. A cucumber and rose infused gin such as Hendricks will mix well with tomato juice and will make for a refreshing pre-dinner drink, or as a perfect accompaniment to our Grazing Dishes and Small Plates.

Finally, we are all for a lovely refreshing elderflower tonic with gin. What’s more elderflower and strawberries are a match made in heaven. Lucky for you, we have some delicious Pancakes on our Dessert Menu which are topped with strawberries and cream. We think you know where we are going with this….

So, go on, break the rules and try a G&T with your meal! All that mixing and matching will help you on your way to being fine connoisseur.