Canteen & Bar

Around The World

At Twelve, we wanted to create a worldly menu that is playful, varied and appeals to the stylish diner. Our pick-and-choose options take inspiration from all over the globe, which means you can choose your own adventure. We have put together some suggestions to transport you overseas, without leaving Frog Street.



Start your evening with a glass of Italian red and a bowl of Perello Olives. You’ll dine late on the terrace beneath hanging vines as if you were lounging in a Spanish vineyard. Then, your plate of sizzling ‘Gambas Pil Pil’* will arrive, accompanied by a Bruschetta heaving with tomatoes and a plate of hot Halloumi Fries. Your Mediterranean evening will be complete after a bottle or two of red, a rich Affogato dessert and maybe a little snifter of Port.

*(sautéed garlic prawns)


The Americas

Transport yourself West and enjoy all things American, starting with an ice-cold beer and a sturdy table. Plentiful portions are key, so get ready for a heavy spread with all the trimmings. Warm up with some Mexican Quesadillas, then tuck into your Lazy Cow slider with an obligatory Buffalo Wing side. More is more, so load your Skinny Fries with cheese and get ready for a sticky, chocolatey Brownie to finish.


Eastern Asia

Make an early evening booking and absorb the oriental golds and jewel tones of your environment. Pour beers for your party, and refill before they have a chance to finish. Start your evening with Prawn Toast to wake up your tastebuds, then move on to the main event. Katsu Curry can be enjoyed with or without meat, and is well matched to the Stir-fried Garlic Rice side. Drunken Noodles will complete the experience, and will be all the more authentic if you brought your chopsticks!


Home Turf

We British are creatures of habit, and sometimes we just fancy what we know. Get a round of ciders in and sit outside, determinedly embracing the weather. Order an Irish staple in the form of Triple Cooked Potatoes, then treat yourself to Sian’s Favourite- steak and lobster. The Sautéed Samphire feels exotic, but it’s our very own coastal green! Make sure to politely agree to an Eton Mess, proudly topped with our nation’s favourite fruit, the strawberry.